Custom Orthotics and AFO's in Casper

Custom Orthotics and AFO's in Casper

For the most challenging foot and ankle problems come to The Foot Doctor, P.C. of Casper, WY for optimal solutions. When it comes to custom orthotics there is no better choice than us.

Sadly, biomechanics and conservative non-surgical foot care has been de-emphasized in podiatric residencies over the last 20 years as residents and their directors believe surgery is the only option for their patients.

What separates podiatrists who emphasized biomechanics and orthotics in their training is the ability to incorporate multiple precise range of motion and positions of the legs, ankles, rear-foot, mid-foot, forefoot and toes into their orthotic prescriptions. We also incorporate age, weight, profession, restrictive footwear, activity level and lower extremity manifestations of systemic disease such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, multiple sclerosis or gout into our orthotic prescriptions. We make custom orthotics for heel pain, arch pain, ankle pain, bunion pain, ball of the foot pain (neuromas and metatarsalgia), Tailor's bunions, sinus tarsi syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome and much more.

Trust the knowledge and experience of Dr. Wilkinson and Dr. Jones

Dr. Wilkinson is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery and Dr. Jones is certified by The American Board of Podiatric Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, we take great pride in prescribing custom orthotics from America's number one orthotic lab (Prolab USA). These devices have made it possible to delay surgery, replace surgery or support post surgical results with the best custom orthotics in Casper and all of Central Wyoming. Dr. Wilkinson relates "I love biomechanics of the lower extremity. I still use the comprehensive lower extremity exam I learned over 25 years ago to ensure the optimal prescription to relieve pain and balance abnormal pressures and forces in my patient's feet and ankles. We have had great success with patient results and enjoy continual appreciation and positive feedback from our orthotics patients."

Our competitors tend to make "one piece construction devices" that "wear out" and need replacement every couple of years. We design our custom orthotics to generally last for 10 years or more in adults. During that period of time they may need the top covers refurbished a few times to maintain effectiveness at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of orthotics.

We've learned so much more from treating patients for over 20 years than any textbook or lecture could offer. We've prescribed and dispensed over 4000 custom orthotics. During the first 10 years of providing custom orthotics we conferred with consulting podiatrists for Prolab USA working out every detail of the prescription to make each pair intimately unique for every patient. Now when we're faced with a difficult or rare podiatric condition, we have the experience and knowledge to solve our patient's foot and ankle problems with an array of biomechanical and accommodative features to treat their unique problems better than the competition.

At the Foot Doctor, P.C of Casper, WY. we don't cut corners with foot care. We have the dedication and training to solve our patient's problems without expensive and risky surgery in most cases.