When You're Considering Foot Surgery in Casper, Wyoming

There's only one podiatrist group to choose: The Foot Doctor, P.C.

Perhaps your physician referred you to The Foot Doctor, P.C. Or maybe you searched specifically for podiatrists in Casper, WY. Regardless of how you found us, we look forward to resolving your foot problems. During your initial consultation, we'll talk about surgical and non-surgical options. We'll keep your medical history, age and level of athleticism in mind as we make treatment decisions.

Prepare the right way for your upcoming surgery

Prepare the right way for your upcoming surgery

Once you decide you're ready for foot surgery at our Casper facility, The Foot Doctor, P.C. will walk you through each step of the preparation process. We specialize in all types of foot and ankle surgery, including:

Bunion correction surgery
Midfoot and rearfoot surgery
Ankle arthroscopy
Ligament reconstruction

In addition to the above, The Foot Doctors can assist with traumatic conditions, with limited same day appointments for emergency situations.
After performing your surgery, we'll arrange follow-up appointments. These sessions will be scheduled over a six to eight week period to help us monitor your recovery progress. You'll be back on your feet in no time!

Call The Foot Doctor, P.C. at 307-237-3668 to speak with Dr. Wilkinson and Dr. Jones.

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