You Shouldn't Walk a Mile in the Wrong Shoes

Our podiatrists provide custom orthotics for Casper, WY

Foot problems can make your life miserable. When painkillers aren't enough, contact The Foot Doctor, P.C. at 307-237-3668. We'll gladly schedule an appointment for you. In the meantime, browse our selection of foot care products, including:

  • Therapeutic inserts and insoles
  • Callus removers and corn cushions
  • Odor-elimination solutions
  • Therapeutic and antifungal creams
  • Toe and metatarsal pads
  • Night splints and ankle braces
  • Slant boards for stretching
  • Heel pad sleeves
  • AFOs (ankle foot orthosis)

It's no secret...

It's no secret...

Your feet can suffer from the side effects of diabetes.

The Foot Doctor, P.C. maintains that ongoing diabetes education is essential. As we like to say, "What you can't feel, can hurt you." If you can't check your feet yourself, have someone close to you check your feet everyday for skin, toe and nail problems and contact The Foot Doctor, P.C. immediately if you see trouble. Some diabetic foot infections can become limb-threatening in a matter of hours!

Remember that Medicare policies cover:

  • Preventive foot care
  • Ulcers and calluses
  • Diabetic foot products

Come in today for assistance with wound care, circulation issues, gangrene and more.

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