How To Keep your Feet Safe This Summer.

Summer brings long days, warm weather and sandals!  Unfortunately, it can also bring foot injuries. Summer foot problems are even referenced by the great Jimmy Buffet, who, according to legend, cut his heel on a pop top (the tabs from old timey...

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Can I Fix My Ingrown Toe Nail Myself?

Picture this: standing at the bathroom counter, sharp implement that you just dipped in rubbing alcohol in hand, digging at that pesky ingrown nail. I call this bathroom surgery. While sometimes effective, it rarely results in long-term relief. You...

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What Can a Foot Doctor Help Me With? How Are They Trained?

A foot doctor, commonly known as a Podiatrist is a medical specialist who, from day 1, started training with an emphasis on the foot and ankle. The first two years of Podiatry school mirrors the training of Medical Doctors (MDs) and Doctors of...

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