How To Keep your Feet Safe This Summer.

Summer brings long days, warm weather and sandals!  Unfortunately, it can also bring foot injuries. Summer foot problems are even referenced by the great Jimmy Buffet, who, according to legend, cut his heel on a pop top (the tabs from old timey canned drinks).  While his medicine was booze in the blender, I would recommend a more effective strategy. 

 Superficial cuts and scrapes on the feet are usually not a problem unless accompanied by dirty conditions including lake water or especially farm type injuries. Many people employ hydrogen peroxide for cleaning out lacerations of the foot, although this may lead to tissue damage and delayed healing. Typically saline is used to flush out and irrigate a wound properly.  Deeper wounds always call for more thorough investigation, especially if there is a possibility of a foreign body.  If you have diabetes, your risk is even greater. Going without shoes and having diabetic neuropathy is a recipe for disaster. Each Summer I have several patients to learn this the hard way. Typically I will see patients with burns on their feet from walking outside on hard concrete and not realizing there is damage happening to the feet. I have seen this from sand at the beach as well.

What do you do if you run into foot trouble? Call US!  We are your local foot and ankle specialists! Call us ASAP. In an emergency, we can usually work you into the schedule and deal with your injury.  I want you to have an awesome summer. 

Daniel Jones, DPM